Lit up house in hands


Your house is your biggest asset and your biggest expense. It’s also your home. You want it to be ready for anything. You want to get more from the light you live in.

The Process

Let's see what you can expect step-by-step:



You request a free quote and we work with you to schedule a time for a technician to come assess your space and your needs. If you’re close, you can go ahead and schedule an appointment yourself using the link at the top. Whether you are looking to do efficient lighting upgrades, backup generation, or both, we design a solution, determine the equipment needed, and let you know how much it will cost.



One of our licensed electricians does the installation according to the plan you developed with EA.



Your equipment is ready for anything. Make sure it stays that way with our optional maintenance programs.

Our Generators


Certified Dealer for Both Kohler and Generac

As a certified dealer for Kohler and for Generac, we have a number of different options for generator installation. So we can help you determine exactly the right fit for you, and you know your installation will be handled by somebody who understands all the ins and outs of your generator.

Residential Lighting



We source the highest quality LED fixtures and bulbs, then we ensure their optimal placement. That way you get the best lighting and the most savings.



Light up your landscape, your backyard, or your pool. We design your outdoor lighting to complement your lifestyle. So you’re in the driver’s seat for color, brightness, direction, and control.



The installation is always handled by our licensed electricians, so you can rest easy.

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