Kohler generator standing on frame

What does a standby generator do?

The residential standby generators we sell and install provide electricity for your home when the powerlines go dry. We have all had unfortunate experiences with power loss. Sometimes the unexpected happens. When your generator detects that the grid is no longer feeding electricity to your home, it will turn on and work like a car engine to provide that electricity, using your natural gas as its fuel. In between your grid power going offline and your generator’s engine power coming online, your generator will use a battery so you don’t experience any interruption of electrical power. These generators are different than one you might use for camping. They run on natural gas from your utility instead of gasoline or diesel fuel, so you don’t have to worry about refilling them. They also can run your whole home, so they have to be wired into your electrical system rather than just providing an outlet. They also need to be bigger to provide the power needed for a whole home.