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Sourcing, installing, and financing commercial-grade lighting and backup generation is a challenge. There are so many factors to consider, from equipment to placement to financing. That’s why we’ve got you covered for all of it.

The Process

Let's see what you can expect step-by-step:


Comprehensive Energy Audit

We look at your space and work with you to determine what you want from it. Want to integrate backup generation or load management? We customize a solution with the best upgrades and placement for your specific space and your unique needs. We’re confident that you’ll like what we can do for you, so this one’s on us.



We’ll sit down with you and get into the numbers. We’ll review:

  • Total annual savings
  • Savings throughout contract
  • Current energy usage and future usage
  • Cash flow improvement
  • Return on investment
  • Tax savings

Financing Plans

We take our plan and determine how much you’ll save once you’re upgraded. Our special relationships in the power industry allow us to design financing plans that don’t disrupt your cash flow. You’ll use your energy savings to pay for the upgrades. And when you’re done, those savings are your’s. It’s like getting a raise just for improving your space.



You’re in the driver’s seat. We determine how much money you’ll save based on our custom solution. We work with you to determine our approach to financing the project. Then you make sure that what we’ve designed is perfect for you.



Our technicians who specialize in the installation and optimization of lighting systems do the work to upgrade your space.


Post-Installation Maintenance

Our optional programs for the maintenance of your upgrades ensure that your equipment and energy usage is in top shape for years to come.

Ready for your free energy audit?

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What do our customers have to say about us?

We’ve saved $115,000 on our electric bill annually and over $15,000 in our maintenance costs annually. That results in a 78% energy savings on EA’s lighting solution alone. We highly recommend Efficiency Aggregators for all your lighting needs.

Oil City logo Eric Ryan Myers
President & CEO of Oil City Ironworks

Your planning, professionalism, work ethic, and persistence in completing the job before the deadline really showed the integrity of your company.

Giaroud R. Howe's photo Giaroud R. Howe
President of Wharton Youth Football League

The installation process went very smoothly. The electricians were efficient and professional and skilled at spacing the bulbs for maximum effect. The warehouse is much brighter and pleasant feeling.

Magnum Tool logo Livia Lin
Operation Manager Magnum Tool Corp

The management team and installation technicians were very professional and always kept us up to date on progress. If you want to enjoy large energy savings and set yourself apart from your competition I would highly recommend Efficiency Aggregators, you won’t be disappointed.

Walden Lake Logo Robert Strokecker
General Manager Walden on Lake Houston Country Club